Addison Hoard picked up 26 points to help the Lady Leopards beat the Towns County Indians in recent action on the basketball court. Hoard has been the top scorer for the Lady Leopards several games this season and has also led on the court with her ball-handling skills.

“I just go out there and play,"Hoard said. "I don’t really think about anything when I’m out there. I know that my teammates are out there, too, so the game is fun, even when we struggle. My teammates are great."

Coach Shedd said, “She is just an all-around team player, she understands the game, and I never have to teach hustle with Addison."

The Lady Leopards beat Towns County with a score of 70-41, which puts them with an overall record of 7-6.

Madison Adams put 13 points on the board and has become a standout player.

“Madison just keeps getting better and better," Shedd said. "She continues to put everything she has on the court."

He added, “We played well against them. It allowed us to play some of the younger players. It helped us tremendously to secure the win."

Freshman Reese Murphy is also beginning to make some noise for the team and added 10 points.

“Reese is learning with every game," the coach said. "She comes in and can make plays on defense as well as offense. It is fun to watch her mature on the court."

Carley Segars added 8 points for the team.

“Segars has also played well under the basket for us," Shedd said. "She plays hard every play."

This week, the team will face Mill Creek at Dahlonega for the Kelly King Classic.


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