Taras Pomyanovksyy is one of nine Jackson County seniors that will be honored May 2 during a senior car parade planned by the Panther boys' and girls' soccer programs. 

Since Jackson County’s soccer teams couldn’t honor their seniors on the field, they’ll take to the road instead to do it.

The Panther soccer programs have announced a senior car parade May 2 from 2-4 p.m. All non-senior soccer players will form a convoy and drive to each senior player’s house, paying tribute to those teammates from their vehicles.

Jackson County has five senior boys, three girls and one manager.

The cancellation of spring sports due to the spread of COVID-19 has meant no senior nights for graduating athletes across the nation. But Jackson County boys’ coach Jason Guzzardo said both the boys’ and girls’ soccer teams wanted to do something to commemorate their senior classes while honoring social-distancing measures.

“My wife actually kind of brainstormed about it,” Guzzardo said. “A lot of different schools have had teacher parades the throughout the neighborhoods … and she said, ‘What about this?’”

Guzzardo said the non-seniors will meet at the West Jackson Publix and depart from there along a route that will take them to each senior’s house. Jackson County soccer PA announcer Eric Boecker will utilize a speaker and read each seniors’ accomplishments as they would have been read on senior night.

Seniors and their families will stand in their driveways or yards as those accomplishments are read.

“We’re just trying to get the seniors as much normal recognition as they would normally get,” Guzzardo said.

The Jackson County soccer program received the blessing of the school’s administration to hold this celebration, while the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office will provide an escort along the route.

Guzzardo said the entire program is looking forward to this.

“It’s kind of unique way to try to be as normal as possible,” Guzzardo said. “Talking with the players, they’re just excited to see each other, even in their cars.”


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