Both Jackson County boys’ and girls’ swimming teams earned top 10 finishes at the North Hall Invitational at Francis Meadows.

The boys finished sixth out of 12 schools, while the girls finished ninth out of 16 schools. The top performers were Harrison Mosley, Shawn Caldwell, Jonah Sheridan, Desi Quiles, Sam Bilyashevych, Ryan Robinson, Blake Amos and both boys’ and girls’ relay teams.

Bilyashevych earned a state cut while also breaking school records in the 50-yard freestyle and 100-yard butterfly. Amos in the 500-yard freestyle shattered his previous best time by over five seconds.


•Desi Quiles 200-yard individual medley (2nd – 2:26.96); 100-yard butterfly (3rd – 1:03.14).

•Sam Bilyashevych 100-yard butterfly (1st – 55.65); 50-yard freestyle (2nd – 23.80).

•Harrison Mosley 200-yard freestyle (3rd – 2:10.82).

•Blake Amos 500-yard freestyle (7:12.00).

•Ryan Robinson 100-yard freestyle (54.02).

•Shawn Caldwell 200-yard freestyle (6th – 2:39.78).

•Jonah Sheridan 200-yard freestyle (7th – 2:41.68).

•boys 200-yard medley relay – Harrison Mosley, Sam Bilyashevych, Ryan Robinson and Matthew Milian – (5th – 1:57.81).

•girls 200-yard medley relay – Desi Quiles, Carley Pruiett, Madelyn English and Scarlet Maxey – (5th – 2:13.83).

•girls 200-yard freestyle relay – Desi Quiles, Carley Pruiett, Madelyn English and Scarlet Maxey – (3rd – 1:57.44).

•boys 200-yard freestyle relay – Harrison Mosley, Sam Bilyashevych, Ryan Robinson and Matthew Milian – (4th – 1:43.18).

Jackson County returns to action Saturday (Nov. 20) at the Fulbright Aquatics Center in Clarkesville.


The West Jackson Middle School boys swim team finished first among five middle schools in the North Hall Invitational. The girls' squad didn't do too shabby either, coming in third out of six middle schools.


•Boys 200-yard medley relay – Daniel Atkins, Yakob Campbell, Blake Hall, and Larry Barnes – (7th – 2:44.45).

•Boys 200-yard freestyle relay – Zachary Davison, Rylan Sheppard, Skyler Chanthavong, and William Branch – (2nd –1:59.94).

•Boy 200- yard freestyle – Daniel Atkins, Blake Hall, Conor Foley, and Larry Barnes – (6th – 2:21.41).

•Yakob Campbell 50-yard backstroke (10th –44.42).

•William Branch 100-yard IM (2nd – 1:12.71); 50-yard butterfly (2nd – 33.05).

•Ryland Sheppard (4th – 1:20.12); 50-yard breaststroke (2nd – 37.95).

•Daniel Atkins 50-yard freestyle (6th – 30.19); 50-yard breaststroke (7th – 44.73).

•Blake Hall 50-yard butterfly (9th – 37.41).

•Skyler Chanthavong 100-yard freestyle (2nd – 1:07.01).

•Zachary Davison 100-yard freestyle (4th – 1:09.34); 50-yard backstroke (1st – 14.50).

•Conor Foley 100-yard Freestyle (10th – 1:25.10).

•Skyler Chanthavong 50-yard breaststroke (1st – 32.52).

•Girls 200-yard medley relay – Georgia Bryant, Sasha Duits, Gabby Lee, and Jaycie Morris – (6th – 2:40.26).

•Girls 200-yard medley relay – Logan Spurgeon, Dakota Studer, Taylor Simmons, and Lauren Barnes – (10th – 3:03.34).

•Girls 200-yard freestyle relay – Jaycie Morris, Lauren Barnes, Sasha Duits, Gabby Lee – (6th – 2:15.76).

•Girls 200-yard freestyle relay – Aine Foley, Georgia Bryant, Taylor Simmons, and Kamryn Gascot – (10th – 2:24.80).

•Gabby Lee 100-yard IM (3rd – 1:20.39); 50-yard butterfly (4th – 35.74).

•Taylor Simmons 50-yard butterfly (6th – 40.26); 100-yard freestyle (4th – 1:17.94).

•Kamryn Gascot 100-yard freestyle (10th – 1:23.62).

•Lauren Barnes 50-yard breaststroke (7th – 45.64).

•Sasha Duits 50-yard breaststroke (8th – 46.15).


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