The Jefferson high school swimming team earned 12 GHSA state cuts Saturday (Nov. 13) at the North Hall Invitational in Gainesville.

After earning nine state cuts in the season opener on Nov. 6, the Dragons are up to 21 on the year, their highest total after two meets in program history. Head coach Tess Nunnally was very optimistic after Saturday’s meet believing the program will be competitive at the state meet in February.

The swimmers who earned state cuts were Kyle Davis (200-yard individual medley; 100-yard butterfly; 100-yard freestyle), Justin Duke (100-yard freestyle), Makaylee Cain (200-yard individual medley), Kate Dunagan (50-yard freestyle, 500-yard freestyle), Milly Hughes (200-yard freestyle), Ximena Young (100-yard butterfly) and Aubree Clare-Flores (100-yard butterfly). The boys 200-yard freestyle relay team and 400-yard freestyle relay team also earned state cuts.

Jefferson’s girls’ team finished first at Francis Meadows with wins in 11 different events, including three relays. The boys’ squad finished third with a quartet of runner-up finishes. Jefferson scored the most points combined out of the 10 schools in attendance.


•girls 200-yard freestyle relay – Ximena Young, Kate Dunagan, Milly Hughes, and Aubree-Clare Flores – (1st – 1:47.07).

•girls 200-yard medley relay – Aubree-Clare Flores, Makaylee Cain, Ximena Young, Kate Dunagan – (1st – 1:57.58).

•girls 400-yard freestyle relay – Lauren Hailey, Kiley Powell, Milly Hughes, Makaylee Cain – (1st).

•Makaylee Cain 200-yard individual medley (1st – 2:23.84); 100-yard breaststroke (1st – 1:16.50)

•Milly Hughes 200-yard freestyle (1st – 2:05.58); 50-yard freestyle (3rd – 27.24).

•Kyle Davis 200-yard individual medley (2nd – 2:07.28); 100-yard butterfly (2nd – 56.01).

•Brandon Hailey 200-yard individual medley (4th – 2:13.17); 100-yard breaststroke (4th place – 1:07.03).

•Ximena Young 100-yard freestyle (1st – 58.78); 100-yard butterfly (2nd – 1:01.62).

•Aubree-Clare Flores 100-yard butterfly (1st – 1:01.55); 100-yard backstroke (1st – 1:03.50).

•Justin Duke 100-yard backstroke (2nd – 59.17): 100-yard freestyle (3rd – 53.09).

•Kate Dunagan 50-yard freestyle (1st – 25.67): 500-yard freestyle (1st – 5:25.60).

•Lauren Hailey 200-yard individual medley (5th – 2:50.62); 100-yard freestyle (5th – 1:07.02).

•Caleb Rudisill 50-yard freestyle (7th – 25.73).

•Mason Klinck 50-yard freestyle (9th – 26.35).

•Alyssa Bartoletta 500-yard freestyle (2nd – 5:50.39).

•Karly Bartoletta 100-yard freestyle (4th – 1:03.38).

•Sophie Johnson 100-yard backstroke (4th – 1:18.41); 100-yard freestyle (8th – 1:10.05).

•Kiley Powell 100-yard freestyle (6th – 1:07.8).

•Eben Mundy 100-yard breaststroke (8th – 1:20.21).

•boys 200-yard freestyle relay – Caleb Rudisill, Brandon Hailey, Justin Duke, Kyle Davis – (2nd – 1:38.03)

•boys 400-yard freestyle relay – Caleb Rudisill, Brandon Hailey, Justin Duke, Kyle Davis – (2nd – 2:40.20)

Jefferson’s swimming team returns to action on Saturday (Dec. 4) back at Francis Meadows in Gainesville.

JMS girls finish 1st, boys claim 2nd

Ansley Nunnally and Kerrigan Vaughn earned a pair of first place finishes each to leads the Jefferson Middle School girls to a first place finish. Haylee Cain eared another third place finish, and the trio also competed on relay teams that finished first 

The JMS boys finished second place with Cayden Sheridan and Kole Allen winning individual events while also helping the 200-yard freestyle relay team come in first.


•Cayden Sheridan 100-yard individual medley (1st – 1:02.02): 50-yard butterfly (1st – 27.18).

•Ansley Nunnally 50-yard freestyle (1st – 26.43):50-yard butterfly (1st – 28.73).

•Kerrigan Vaughn 100-yard individual medley (1st – 1:12.60): 50-yard backstroke (1st – 33.24).

•Will Nunnally 100-yard individual medley (5th – 1:23.70) 50-yard butterfly (6th – 36.24).

•Haylee Cain 100-yard freestyle (1st – 1:06.14): 50-yard freestyle (2nd – 28.92).

•Levi Johnson 50-yard freestyle (3rd – 29.92); 100-yard freestyle (3rd – 1:07.51).

•Emery Whetstone 50-yard backstroke (6th – 37.40); 100-yard individual medley (7th – 1:30.80).

•Briley Smith 100-yard individual medley (8th – 1:33.57).

•Caroline Allredge 50-yard butterfly (7th – 41.21).

•Leila Yang 50-yard butterfly (8th – 43.66); 50-yard backstroke (9th – 41.47).

•Kole Allen 100-yard freestyle (1st – 1:06.04); 50-yard backstroke (1st – 34.99).

•Rishav Rajbandan 100-yard freestyle (6th – 1:17.28).

•Josie Mundy 100-yard freestyle (5th – 1:18.44): 50-yard breaststroke (6th – 45.20).

•Wyatt Dunagan 50-yard backstroke (8th – 41.90).

•Garrett Richmond 50-yard breaststroke (3rd – 38.03).

•Logan Richardson 50-yard breaststroke (5th – 41.65).

•Brock Booth 50-yard breaststroke (10th – 46.61)

•Taylor McClay 50-yard breaststroke (9th – 46.74).

•girls 200-yard medley relay – Kerrigan Vaughn, Haylee Cain, Ansley Nunnally Caroline Allredge – (1st – 2:13.54).

•girls 200-yard freestyle relay – Kerrigan Vaughn, Haylee Cain, Ansley Nunnally Caroline Allredge – (1st – 1:58.92)

•boys 200-yard medley relay – Kole Allen, Garrett Richmond, Will Nunnally, Cayden Sheridan – (2nd – 2:12.45)

•boys 200-yard freestyle relay – Kole Allen, Will Nunnally, Levi Johnson, Cayden Sheridan – (1st)


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