The Jefferson High School and Jefferson Middle School swimming teams finished 2nd and 3rd respectively in combined team scores at the Candy Cane Meet hosted by Flowery Branch at Frances Meadows.

JHS finished with 522 team points. Flowery Branch finished 1st with 595 points. JMS finished 1st among all middle school squads, and both schools finished 1st and 2nd in the girls team standings. The JMS boys finished finished 3rd overall and 1st among all middle school squads. The JHS boys finished 5th.

Six different JHS swimmers earned state cuts at the event: 

•Alyssa Bartoletta 200-yard freestyle (1st – 2:04.75); 500-yard freestyle (1st – 5:38.72).

•Kate Dunagan 100-yard butterfly (1st – 1:04.84); 100-yard freestyle (2nd – 55.31).

•Kyle Davis 100-yard freestyle (1st – 51.20); 100-yard backstroke (1st – 57.62).

•Brandon Hailey 200-yard IM (2nd – 2:09.52); 100-yard breaststroke (1st – 1:06.15).

•Aubree Clare Alewine-Flores 200-yard freestyle (2nd – 2:05.47).

•Makaylee Cain 100-yard freestyle (4th – 58.37).


Other top performers from JHS were:

•Boys 200-yard medley relay – Justin Duke, Brandon Hailey, Kyle Davis, and Caleb Rudisill – (2nd -1:46.76).

•Girls 200-yard medley relay – Aubree-Clare Alewine-Flores, Makaylee Cain, Ximena Young, and Kate Dunagan – (1st – 1:57.44).

•Girls 200-yard medley relay – Sophie Johnson, Karly Bartoletta, Alyssa Bartoletta, and Milly Hughes – (2nd – 2:07.84).

•Aubree-Clare Alewine-Flores 100-yard backstroke (2nd – 1:01.37).

•Ximena Young 200-yard IM (1st – 2:24.28); 100-yard breaststroke (3rd – 1:18.35).

•Milly Hughes 50-yard freestyle (1st – 27.16); 500-yard freestyle (2nd – 5:51.57).

•Lauren Hailey 50-yard freestyle (5th – 30.02).

•Justin Duke 100-yard butterfly (2nd – 1:00.03); 100-yard backstroke (2nd – 58.75).

•Karly Bartoletta 100-yard butterfly (2nd – 1:10.92); 500-yard freestyle (3rd – 6:10.78).

•Makaylee Cain 100-yard breaststroke (2nd – 1:15.03).

•Boys 200-yard freestyle relay – Brandon Hailey, Caleb Rudisill, Justin Duke, and Kyle Davis – (2nd -1:37.61).

•Girls 200-yard freestyle relay – Ximena Young, Aubree-Clare Alewine-Flores, Milly Hughes, and Kate Dunagan – (1st – 1:49.12).

•Girls 200-yard freestyle relay – Alyssa Bartoletta, Lauren Hailey, Karly Bartoletta, and Makaylee Cain – (3rd – 1:55.18).

•Sophie Johnson 100-yard backstroke (5th – 1:15.29).

•Eben Mundy 100-yard breaststroke (5th – 1:19.10).


Other top performers from JMS were:

•Boys 200-yard medley relay – Kole Allen, Garrett Richmond, Cayden Sheridan, and Levi Johnson – (1st – 2:08.90).

•Girls 200-yard medley relay – Kerrigan Vaughn, Sophia Burns, Addi Burns, and Haylee Cain – (1st – 2:16.01).

•Garrett Richmond 100-yard IM (4th – 1:20.73); 50-yard breaststroke (2nd – 39.15).

•Haylee Cain 100-yard IM (5th – 1:18.72); 50-yard breaststroke (4th – 41.46).

•Caroline Allredge 50-yard freestyle (2nd – 32.77).

•Chelseigh Graham 50-yard freestyle (4th – 33.33).

•Emery Whetstone 50-yard freestyle (5th – 33.47).

•Cayden Sheridan 50-yard butterfly (1st -27.08); 100-yard freestyle (1st – 55.56).

•Kerrigan Vaughn 50-yard butterfly (1st – 31.51); 50-yard backstroke (1st – 33.90).

•Kole Allen 100-yard freestyle (2nd – 1:04.40); 50-yard backstroke (1st – 35.95).

•Levi Johnson 100-yard freestyle (5th – 1:07.51).

•Sophia Burns 100-yard freestyle (2nd – 1:09.19); 50-yard breaststroke (3rd – 38.72).

•Addi Burns 100-yard freestyle (4th – 1:10.64); 50-yard backstroke (3rd – 36.68).

•Boys 200-yard freestyle relay – Levi Johnson, Garret Richmond, Kole Allen, and Cayden Sheridan – (1st – 1:56.61).

•Girls 200-yard freestyle relay – Kerrigan Vaughn, Sophia Burns, Addi Burns, and Haylee Cain – (2nd – 2:00.84).


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