After the tough loss against Sequoyah and a canceled game, the Lady Leopards basketball team came back strong against Walnut Grove. The team defeated Walnut Grove with a score of 43-39.

Coach Steve Shedd was proud of his team and was excited to see his team spring into action against full pressure from Walnut Grove

“It is a nice feeling to get back into the win column, and watching them break their pressure was really good and a step forward for us," he said.

Freshmen Reese Murphy had a game-high of 12 points. Murphy has proven to be a strong presence both under the basket and on defense. Addison Hoard and Carley Segars each contributed 10 apiece. Madison Adams stepped in with 8 points. Senior Kalyn Beasley made several offensive assists and scored 2 points to secure the win.

Shedd said of the win, “We had a good win, but we did make some mistakes. We have to cut back on turnovers and uncontested shots. If we could learn to slow down a little, we could focus on those small things."

The team has all-region games left in the schedule, with the exception of Hebron. Shedd states that although the region is small, 8AA is one of the most challenging regions in the state.

“We are battle-tested, and I believe that we are ready to compete," Shedd said.

The Lady Leopards face Elbert on January 11, the first region game of the season.


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