The Banks County played their last game at home this past Friday against George Walton. Georgia Walton Bulldogs (Ranked #10 in A) walked away with a score of 34-7 in the non-region matchup.

GW got an early lead in the first quarter with a 24 yard TD run and a successful PAT. Banks began their first drive of the night with Carter Stroud as the quarterback and the return of Roman Haynes as the running back. Corey Vickery picked up 29 yards on a pass from Stroud; however, the Leopards couldn’t advance to the end zone. Jonathon Moon, Bryson Cheek, and Stroud stopped the Bulldogs with big defensive tackles, but the Bulldogs continued the offensive drive with three more unanswered touchdowns.

Leopards went into the half with a score of George Walton 28, Leopards 0.

In the second half, the Leopards defense was able to stop the Bulldogs on several plays with successful tackles by Vickery, Moon, and Josh Stapleton. Bulldogs led the offensive in the third quarter and got back on the board with another touchdown. Underclassmen players: Jasper Miller, Clay Simmons, and Robert Walker got in on the action on defense and stalled the Bulldogs defense during the fourth quarter.

A highlight of the game was a combination of a 53-yard run and TD that started with Caine Griffith. Griffith began the play with a fake and then a quick pass to Jonathon Moon, which led to an eventual touchdown by Roman Haynes. The PAT was good by Cade Simmons, and the Leopards got on the board with 7. The Leopards finished the fourth quarter strong but could not make up the deficit.

Leopards will be off next Friday but will return to play the last game of the regular season on November 20 at Elbert County. Playoff information is yet to be determined.


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