With a stadium that would rival those of most high schools and even many small colleges, the Mill Creek football family has every reason to be proud of their facilities.

With the first game of the 2008 season little more than a month away, volunteers have been hard at work turning the stadium into a showcase for Mill Creek High School and the Mill Creek Community.

Mill Creek head coach Shannon Jarvis said the improvements are just part of an overall plan to improve the stadium.

“There is a plan and a vision of what we want to do here,” he said.

From projects such as improving the visitors’ stands and replacing turf, each year brings more upgrades to the facilities.

This year, Jarvis had received some extra assistance as the school and community prepare to welcome the Atlanta Falcons on August 1 for a fan day community event.

“We’re trying to complete the stadium,” he said. “With the Falcons coming in, that helped the process. I’m probably getting projects done in one year that would have [normally] taken two years to do.”

Jarvis has been in communication with the Atlanta Falcons’ head groundskeeper throughout the summer making sure the stadium was ready for NFL action.

Prior to the August 1 scrimmage, Falcons’ crews will come to the stadium to hang signs and paint the field with the Falcons logo.

“The field should be in perfect condition on August 1,” Jarvis said. Jarvis said having to get the field ready early has meant some scrambling, but that it is a problem he is glad to have given the excitement that is building over the Falcon’s visit and the work that is being completed earlier than anticipated.

“This is a good problem that we’re having right now,” he said.

One of the projects being completed this year is the addition of new “Mill Creek Hawks” lettering on the outside of the stadium. By the time work is complete, the Mill Creek logo and backlighting will also be added.

Another major project is the landscaping of the bank on the south side of the field.

“That landscaping is something that has bothered me since we’ve been here,” Jarvis said. “I’m beside myself about how it’s going to look and what it’s going to add to the stadium.”

While Jarvis and the Mill Creek family are looking forward to the Atlanta Falcons’ visit, the real excitement is in anticipation of a visit from another set of Falcons.

On August 29, Mill Creek will kick off the 2008 season at home against the Dacula Falcons.

“Once our stadium is done on August 1, we should be ready for the Dacula crowd coming August 29,” Jarvis said.

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