The finals of Saturday's Summit Series super pro bracket came down to Blaine Mayer and Blaine Rodgers. Mayer edged out Rodgers by completing the run in just 4.725 seconds, reaching 142.84 mph in his 2003 Mullis dragster. Rodgers ran a 5.03 and reached 132.79 mph in his 1927 Ford Roadster.

The pro division finals were even closer, being decided by a tenth of a second. Luke Thomas, driving 1963 Chevy II, picked up his first victory by defeating Chad Brewer and his 1973 Chevy Nova. Thomas ran a 6.086 at 110.29 mph, just a hair quicker than Brewer who ran a 6.179. Brewer actually reached a higher top speed (111.04 mph).

The sportsman final was also decided by a tenth of a second. Dickey Forrester, running an 11.446 at 115.68 mph in a 1968 Chevy Camaro, defeated Ben Bramlett and his 1999 Camaro. Bramlett ran an 11.600 at 112.90 mph.

In the box motorcycle division, Randy Barnett on his 2005 Suzuki won his 5th race of 2021 overcoming a strong challenge from Ken Ford and his 2006 Suzuki. Barnett dialed in on a 6.05 and ran a 6.081 at 115.09 mph. Ford dialed in on a 6.10 and ran a 5.695 at 123.46 mph.

Ford didn't go home empty handed though. He won in the no box motorcycle division on a 2006 Hayabusa. Ford ran an 8.967 at 139.04 mph to beat Daryle Johnson who ran a 9.210 at 150.37 mph on a 2008 Kawasaki.

In the all ages Jr. division, 10-year-old Fayln Clay defeated 16-year-old Brycen Hartmann. Clay dialed in on a 12.30 and ran a 12.352 at 44.88 mph. Brycen dialed in on a 7.92 and ran a 7.915 at 79.45 mph.


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