Local racers Malachi Edwards and Austin Bowden took home the first-place trophies after racing action at Atlanta Dragway on Oct. 5. 

Edwards, 10, took first in the 10-12 junior dragster division. Edwards defeated Kileigh Carter, 12, in the finals. Carter is from Homer. 

Edwards ran 72.31 MPH in 8.92 seconds to win the finals. Edwards defeated Shannon Blanton, 12, in the semifinals. Edwards is from Maysville. The win also gave him his fifth Walley and his fifth win of the season.

Austin Bowden, 17, took first in the 13-17 junior dragster division. It was his third win of 2019 and his first Walley. 

Bowden defeated Kimberly Vancica, 13, in the finals. Bowden ran 79.23 MPH in 7.943 seconds. In the semifinals, Bowden defeated Nate Halsey, 16, to reach the finals.

In the junior street division, Jayton Duggan took first place. Duggan defeated Jackson Harwood in the finals. It was Duggan's fourth win of the season and first Walley. 

Kirsten Goddard took first in the 5-9 junior dragster division. Goddard, 5, got her second win at Atlanta Dragway and won her first Walley. Goddard defeated Aaron Kennedy in the finals. 

Tim Sutton took first place in the super pro bike division. Sutton defeated Jimmy Heisler in the finals to claim his ninth Walley. 

Hunter Ramsey won his first race of the season in the super pro division. Ramsey also claimed his first Walley. Ramsey defeated Brian Smith in the finals. 

In the pro division, Chad Brewer took first place to claim another Walley. Brewer defeated Steve Wagner in the finals. 

Russell Haskins took first in the sportsman division. Haskins defeated Dickey Forrester to win the event and claim his own Walley. 


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