Local weightlifter uses his record-setting strength for mission work

Tim Moon can’t explain it.

He’s over 50 years old and can bench over 800 pounds, an increase of about 400 pounds since he began competing nearly 10 years ago.

Moon, also known as “T,” doesn’t bother with earthly details.

“I have people ask me all the time, ‘How do you do this?’” Moon said. “The best answer I have is God has made me strong. That’s pretty much what I’ll tell you every time you ask me.”

Moon, a 1982 Jefferson High School graduate who now lives Hall County’s Belmont area, didn’t lift his first competition weight until age 45, but he’s more than made up for lost time.

Now 54, he’s garnered 23 world titles. Two years ago, he set the world bench press record for lifters over 50 with a lift of 821 pounds.

That’s the equivalent of bench pressing an Arabian horse.

“Tim would be three times as strong as a normal man if he never touched a weight,” said fellow lifter Garry Glenn, also a Jefferson graduate, who has known Moon for 10 years. “Now that he has, he’s about five times as strong as the average guy his age. He is the strongest man over the age of 50 in the history of the world on the bench press …He doesn’t even train for the deadlift, but when called on to do it, he can pull 500 pounds off the floor.”

Glenn recalls a story once told to him about Moon, one that has nothing to do with weights but illustrates his sheer strength.

Moon, a contractor for the past 30 years (mostly residential), had been involved in a project during which three to four men had to lift a heavy, ornate door off a truck. When they returned to the site, they discovered that Moon had hung the door all by himself.

“That is the type of raw, natural strength ‘T’ has,’” Glenn said.

But Moon wanted to do more than just collect trophies and records (and hang heavy doors) with his baffling strength. His brother had an idea.

“One day my brother was like, “Hey, you know, you might could turn this into a ministry,” Moon said.

For the rest of this story, see the July 4 edition of The Jackson Herald.

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