Three Jackson County wrestlers won their divisions, while three others finished as runners up in the Alabama Super State tournament Saturday.

The tournament featured state champions from multiple states, including Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Louisiana.

“So, we decided to go to get some good competition — which it was very good competition,” coach Allen Spry said.

The event served as a warm-up for Georgia state tournament for these wrestlers. That tournament will be held this Friday and Saturday in Perry.

In the Alabama tournament, Robert Spry (10U, 70 pounds), Donovan Spry (10U, 55 pounds) and Dylan Ransom (10U, 75 pounds) each placed first in their weight divisions, while Deacon Wiley (10U, 85-90 pounds), Kamryn Spry (6U, 45 pounds) and Daelin Spry 8U, 50 pounds) all took second place in their respective divisions. Josh White actually placed twice in the 10U division, taking sixth in the 67-pound class and fifth in the 70-pound class.

Robert Spry pulled off a major victory in winning his bracket, defeating an Alabama state champion and a two-time Georgia state champion in taking a first-place medal. He won all his matches, including the state finals, via technical fall. Meanwhile, Donovan Spry went unbeaten in his bracket, as did Ransom, who took home a title in only his second year as a wrestler.

“He was really wrestling good, hard and fast,” coach Spry said of Ransom.

Wiley, an 85-pounder, earned a tough draw in the tournament as both the 85 and 90-pound classes were combined. Wiley lost in the finals to a 90-pound champion from Alabama.

Kamryn Spry, only in his second year of wrestling, fell in the 6U, 45-pound finals to a two-time champion from Alabama. White, in pulling double duty in the 10U class, wrestled eight matches in about three hours in a busy day on the mat.

“I was proud of all them,” coach Spry said. “We went up there and we represented well.”

Spry said for a group of wrestlers, not only from Georgia, but from the same county, to dominate is it did made a statement.

“Again, it’s just another stepping stone to see that we’re on our way and we’re heading in the right direction,” he said.

Over a dozen Jackson County wrestlers are scheduled to wrestle in this weekend’s state meet.

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