The Jefferson swimming program hopes the district meet is a sign of things to come at state.

The Sea Dragons racked up over the weekend in Habersham County, earning 53 individual and 21 relay-team qualifying spots to the July 12-13 state meet in Tifton.

The top three individuals and relay teams in each event secured a spot at the Georgia Recreation and Parks Association state meet in Tifton.

“We should have a great showing down in Tifton,” coach Tess Nunnally said. “We are looking at having multiple state titles brought home from our swimmers.”

Before swimming at state, Jefferson will compete in the North Georgia Swim League meet Friday and Saturday. The 12U girls, 14U boys and girls and 18U boys and girls will swim Friday in Gainesville, while all 6U, 8U and 10U competitors and the 12U boys will compete Saturday in Habersham County.

At district, the Jefferson girls’ team won the team title with 564 points, while the boys placed third in their division (344 points).

Justin Duke, Gabby Lee, Kate Dunagan and Ansley Nunnally are among the swimmers who will be a top seed entering the state meet. Meanwhile, Jefferson’s 12U girls’ 200-yard freestyle relay team of Kate Dunagan, Aubree-Clare Flores, Ximena Young and Ansley Nunnally smashed a 26-year-old state record in that event at the district meet with a time of 1:52.41. The record, however, is only official if achieved at a state meet, so the group will have to better that mark in Tifton to earn that distinction. That same group of four also seeks to set the state mark in the 12U girls’ 200-yard medley relay. The team is less than a second away from breaking that record.

Individually, Duke and Ansley Nunnally picked up three district titles each. Duke secured two more team records in the 100-yard freestyle and 50-yard backstroke.

“These two will definitely be ones to watch,” coach Nunnally said.

Meanwhile, multiple Jefferson swimmers qualified in the maximum number of events allowed at state (three individual, two relays). That group consists of Haylee Cain, Lee, Dunagan, Ansley Nunnally, Flores, Grace Richardson, Will Nunnally, Duke and Justin Kurgan.

“Words can’t express how proud I am of each of the swimmers that swam this past week,” coach Nunnally said. “It is a privilege and honor to be able to coach such a wonderful group of athletes.”

Those qualifying for the state meet were:

•Jillian Mundy (8U girls) — second, 50-yard freestyle, 44.63; second, 25-yard butterfly, 23.8.

•Blakey Hawk (8U girls) — third, 25-yard breaststroke, 26.45.

•Leila Yang (8U girls) — first, 25-yard backstroke, 22.09; second, 25-yard freestyle, 20.12.

•Parker Newell (8U boys) — second, 100-yard individual medley, 2:03.57, third, 25-yard backstroke, 24.71.

•Wyatt English (8U boys) — third, 25-yard breaststroke, 26.23.

•Sofia Burns (10U girls) — second, 25-yard breaststroke, 21.44; third, 25-yard backstroke, 18.85.

•Kerrigan Vaughn (10U girls) — third, 100-yard individual medley, 1:33.47.

•Haylee Cain (10U girls) — second, 50-yard freestyle, 33.55; second, 100-yard individual medley, 1:29.9; third, 25-yard butterfly, 17.76

•Gabby Lee (10U girls) — third, 50-yard freestyle, 34.06; second, 25-yard freestyle, 15.43; first, 25-yard backstroke, 18.20.

•William Allen (10U boys) — second, 50-yard freestyle, 35.63; third, 25-yard backstroke, 20.61.

•Will Nunnally (10U boys) — third, 50-yard freestyle, 37.65; second, 100-yard individual medley, 1:42.27; third, 25-yard butterfly, 19.56.

•Corbin Hobbs (10U boys) — third, 25-yard breaststroke, 21.58; third, 100-yard individual medley, 1:42.40.

•Ansley Nunnally (12U girls) — first, 100-yard individual medley, 1:07.56; first, 50-yard butterfly, 29.29; first, 50-yard backstroke, 30.47.

•Kate Dunagan (12U girls) — first, 100-yard freestyle, 59.71; second, 100-yard individual medley, 1:12.09; second, 50-yard freestyle, 28.11.

•Aubree Clare Flores (12U girls) — third, 100-yard freestyle, 1:01.21; second, 50-yard backstroke, 31.77; third, 50-yard butterfly, 32.03.

•Ximena Young (12U girls) — third, 50-yard backstroke, 34.32.

•Jessica Beller (12U girls) — third, 50-yard breaststroke, 39.66.

•Justin Duke (12U boys) — first, 100-yard freestyle, 1:05.34; first, 50-yard freestyle, 29.33; first, 50-yard backstroke, 33.76.

•Justin Kurgan (12U boys) — first, 50-yard breaststroke, 41.51; second, 100-yard individual medley, 1:24.75; third, 50-yard butterfly, 38.28.

•Cayden Sheridan (12U boys) — third, 50-yard freestyle, 31.27; second, 50-yard butterfly, 35.56.

•Eben Mundy (12U boys) — third, 50-yard breaststroke, 42.96.

•Grace Richardson (14U girls) — third, 50-yard freestyle, 29.32; second, 50-yard backstroke, 32.41; second, 50-yard butterfly, 31.24.

•Katy Joy Beller (14U girls) — second, 100-yard individual medley, 1:14.24; second, 50-yard breaststroke, 39.48.

•Makaylee Cain (14U girls) — third, 50-yard breaststroke, 41.41.

•Macie Payridge (18U girls) — third, 50-yard breaststroke, 40.19.

•Christian Honeycutt (18U boys) — third, 50-yard breaststroke, 32.95.

•Tanner Brownell (18U boys) — third, 100-yard individual medley, 1:03.79.

•8U girls’ 100-yard medley and freestyle relays (Emery Whetstone, Spencer Cain, Blakey Hawk, and Jillian Mundy), first in both, 1:36.64 (medley)/1:25.95 (freestyle).

•8U girls’ B 100-yard medley relay (Jazlyn Rakestraw, Carter Varnedoe, Leila Yang and Reese Newell), second, 2:15.18.

•8U boys’ 100-yard medley and freestyle relays (Grant Holman, Parker Newell, Wyatt Dunagan and Caz Weldon), third in both, 1.49.22 (medley)/1:36.93 (freestyle).

•10U girls’ 100-yard medley and freestyle relays (Gabby Lee, Sofia Burns, Kerrigan Vaughn and Haylee Cain), first in both, 1:12.25 (medley)/1:05.74 (freestyle).

•10U boys’ 100-yard medley and freestyle relays earned (William Allen, Corbin Hobbs, Will Nunnally and Thomas James), second in both, 1:21.90 (medley)/1:11.42 (freestyle).

•12U girls’ 200-yard medley and freestyle relays (Aubree-Clare Flores, Ansley Nunnally, Ximena Young and Kate Dunagan), first in both, 2:07.38 (medley)/1:52.41 (freestyle)

•12U boys’ 200-yard relay (Justin Duke, Justin Kurgan, Cayden Sheridan and Eben Mundy), first, freestyle (2:12.11); second, medley (2:29.6).

•12U 200-yard mixed relays (Walker Holman, Jessica Beller, Anna Beth Camden and Rishav Rajabiden), first, freestyle (2:16.62); second, medley (2:39.2).

•14U girls’ 200-yard medley and freestyle relays (Gracie Holman, Katy Joy Beller, Grace Richardson and Makaylee Cain), first in both, 2:18.55 (medley)/2:05.05 (freestyle).

•14U mixed 200-yard medley and freestyle relays (Garrett Isaacs, Georgia Griffin, Madelyn English and Decator Dunagan), third in both, 2:51.5 (medley)/2:29.56 (freestyle).

•18U mixed 200-yard medley (Macie Payridge, Brandon Hailey, Christian Honeycutt and Kylee Novicki), second, freestyle (1:52.96); third, medley (2:14.07).

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