Caleb Heady’s dominance over the pro division at Lanier Raceplex ended Wednesday night when contact on a late-race restart knocked him out of first place. William Sawalich capitalized to take the win in round three of the Lanier Speedway INEX Racing Series.

Sawalich led every lap of the race, but he was under immense pressure from Heady before an accident on lap 16 brought out a caution. On the restart, Parker Bollman helped push Heady to the lead entering turn one. Heady tried to take the inside line from Sawalich, but the Minnesotan held his ground. The contact forced Heady up the track, allowing three cars to get by him.

Without his closest competition, Sawalich cruised to victory while Heady clawed his way back to fourth place.

The semi-pro division featured a three-car battle for the lead for most of the race with Braselton’s Graham Campbell in the thick of it. Cameron Bolin and Jarrett Wagman swapped first place a couple of times and Campbell, in third place, was ready to pounce on any mistake.

But before he had the chance, caution came out on lap 15. Before then, no one could challenge Campbell for third place. After the restart, Campbell had to defend his podium spot while Bolin and Wagman battled door-to-door for the win. Bolin finally cleared Wagman on lap 17, and he ran two flawless laps to take his third victory in the Lanier series.

Campbell lost third place to Michael Gannon as they crossed the start/finish line with two laps to go. As he lost the position, he went low to mount one last charge for third. He and Gannon drove door-to-door for the final two laps with Campbell finishing the race with the nose of his car ahead of Gannon’s.

Scott Mosely continued his resurgence in the masters division. After missing the first race with a mechanical issue, he dominated the last two races, beating his teammates Bill Plemmons and Wayne Willard by several car-lengths. Jefferson native Russell Shore finished ninth place.

Parker Eatmon led every lap of the young lions race, but that doesn’t mean he had an easy time. He spent the first half of the race defending his position from Isaac Bevin and Donovan Strauss. Eventually, Strauss began to put pressure on Bevin for second place, allowing Eatmon to pull away for his second-straight Lanier series win.

The Lanier Speedway INEX racing Series championships will be decided in the series’ final round Thursday night, July 29.


•P1: William Sawalich

•P2: Cale Hall

•P3: Jake Bollman

•P4: Caleb Heady

•P5: Gavin Graham


•P1: Scott Mosely

•P2: Bill Plemmons

•P3: Wayne Willard

•P4: Brian Weimer

•P5: Glenn Mitchell


•P1: Cameron Bolin

•P2: Jarrett Wagman

•P3: Graham Campbell

•P4: Michael Gannon

•P5: Nathan Jackson


•P1: Parker Eatmon

•P2: Isaac Bevin

•P3: Donovan Strauss

•P4: Aiden Garcia

•P5: Bailey North


•P1: Clay Hocutt

•P2: Kyle Bacon

•P3: Sebastian Asztalos

•P4: Trey Williams

•P5: Gianni Esposito


•P1: Nicholas Denton

•P2: Ben Morabito

•P3: Neal Dulin

•P4: Baylor O’Neil

•P5: Darren Krantz


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