For the Commerce Tiger Sharks, Saturday's GRPA District 7 meet had a lot to be celebrated.

The Tiger Sharks won both the boys' and girls' Class C districts. The two teams combined took down Lumpkin County. Even more impressive, though, all 26 Tiger Sharks who attempted to qualify for state made it through.

Recreation swim coach Nick Moulton said it is the largest state-qualifying group the Tiger Sharks have had in over 20 years.

"It feels like we are just starting to dig in and get conditioned," Moulton said. "Our kids have been working hard at practice. Most of them are swimming between 4,000-5,000 yards a day, and it’s starting to pay off.

"We are looking forward to carrying our momentum into league championships this weekend. Then we will finally be able to start preparing for state."

The league championships begin this Friday in Gainesville and carry into Saturday in Habersham County.

The girls' team scored 471 points to beat Lumpkin County by 224 points. The lady Tiger Sharks had 28 first-place finishes.

The Tigers Sharks edged out Lumpkin County 219-191. The Tiger Sharks had 16 first-place finishes. The top three from each event qualified for state.

First-place finishes for Commerce in Class C include:Girls' 7-8 (50-yard freestyle) Kennedy Grace Totherow, 54.59

Boys' 7-8 (50-yard freestyle) Gavin Haley, 1:04.68

Girls' 10U (50-yard freestyle) Madalyn Sears, 37.76

Boys' 12U (100-yard freestyle) Camden Moulton, 1:24.38

Girls' 14U (100-yard freestyle) Dalty Friedman, 1:12.98

Girls' 18U (100-yard freestyle) Anna Wynn, 1:03.88

Boys' 18U (100-yard freestyle) Jack Friedman, 56.92

Girls' 10U (100-yard medley relay) Ruby Garcia, Madalyn Sears, Zoey Zellner and Nataly Calderon, 1:32.25

Mixed 12U (200-yard medley relay) Cooper Moulton, Courtney Cameron, Lilianna Sears and Camden Moulton, 2:40.74

Girls' 18U (200-yard medley relay) Reagan Duke, Anna Wynn, Samantha Davidson and Katherine Garrison, 2:10.51

Boys' 18U (200-yard medley relay) Austin Ackerman, Drew Cameron, William Suber and Jack Friedman, 2:09.28

Boys' 7-8 (25-yard freestyle) Gavin Haley, 26.74

Girls' 10U (25-yard freestyle) Ruby Garcia, 19.61

Girls' 14U (50-yard freestyle) Reagan Duke, 30.06

Boys' 14U (50-yard freestyle) Drew Cameron, 36.70

Girls' 18U (50-yard freestyle) Samantha Davidson, 26.28

Boys' 18U (50-yard freestyle) Jack Friedman, 25.84

Boys' 7-8 (25-yard breaststroke) Gavin Haley, 37.28

Girls' 10U (25-yard breaststroke) Madalyn Sears, 27.37

Boys' 10U (25-yard breaststroke) Cooper Moulton, 23.16

Girls' 12U (50-yard breaststroke) Courtney Cameron, 40.42

Boys' 14U (50-yard breaststroke) Austin Ackerman, 32.47

Girls' 18U (50-yard breaststroke) Anna Wynn, 35.79

Boys' 18U (50-yard breaststroke) William Suber, 34.51

Girls' 10U (100-yard individual medley) Zoey Zellner, 1:33.28

Girls' 12U (100-yard individual medley) Courtney Cameron, 1:25.16

Girls' 14U (100-yard individual medley) Dalty Friedman, 1:26.88

Boys' 14U (100-yard individual medley) Austin Ackerman, 1:02.77

Girls' 18U (100-yard individual medley) Anna Wynn, 1:12.73

Girls' 7-8 (25-yard backstroke) Stacey McKinney, 26.22

Girls' 10U (25-yard backstroke) Zoey Zellner, 22.04

Boys' 10U (25-yard backstroke) Cooper Moulton, 20.25

Girls' 12U (50-yard backstroke) Courtney Cameron, 39.67

Girls' 14U (50-yard backstroke) Reagan Duke, 34.37

Boys' 14U (50-yard backstroke) Austin Ackerman, 30.31

Girls' 18U (50-yard backstroke) Samantha Davidson, 29.53

Girls' 7-8 (25-yard butterfly) Rylee Ashton, 34.84

Girls' 10U (25-yard butterfly) Zoey Zellner, 18:09

Girls' 14U (50-yard butterfly) Reagan Duke, 33.62

Girls' 18U (50-yard butterfly) Samantha Davidson, 28.54

Boys' 18U (50-yard butterfly) Jack Friedman, 28.95

Girls' 7-8 (100-yard freestyle relay) Rylee Ashton, Elliot Jones, Kennedy Totherow and Stacey McKinney, 1:47.95

Girls' 10U (100-yard freestyle relay) Madalyn Sears, Nataly Calderon, Ruby Garcia and Zoey Zellner, 1:18.99

Mixed 12U (200-yard freestyle relay) Lilianna Sears, Cooper Moulton, Camden Moulton and Courtney Cameron, 2:29.44

Girls' 18U (200-yard freestyle relay) Reagan Duke, Katherine Garrison, Anna Wynn and Samantha Davidson, 1:57.58

Boys' 18U (200-yard freestyle relay) William Suber, Drew Cameron, Austin Ackerman and Jackson Friedman, 1:55.97

Other top finishers from Class C and qualifying for state include:

Girls' 7-8 (50-yard freestyle) Rylee Ashton, second

Girls' 10U (50-yard freestyle) Ruby Garcia and Nataly Calderon, second and third

Girls' 12U (100-yard freestyle) Lilianna Sears, second

Girls' 18U (100-yard freestyle) Katherine Garrison, third

Boys' 18U (100-yard freestyle) William Suber, third

Girls' 7-8 (25-yard freestyle) Stacey McKinney, second

Girls' 10U (25-yard freestyle) Nataly Calderon, third

Girls' 12U (50-yard freestyle) Lilianna Sears, second

Boys' 12U (50-yard freestyle) Camden Moulton and Taylor Haley, second and third

Girls' 14U (50-yard freestyle) Gracie Brown, second

Girls' 18U (50-yard freestyle) Katherine Garrison, second

Boys' 18U (50-yard freestyle) William Suber, second

Girls' 7-8 (25-yard breaststroke) Rylee Ashton, second

Boys' 14U (50-yard breaststroke) Drew Cameron, second

Girls' 7-8 (100-yard individual medley) Stacey McKinney, second

Boys' 10U (100-yard individual medley) Cooper Moulton, second

Girls' 14U (100-yard individual medley) Gracie Brown, second

Girls' 18U (100-yard individual medley) Katherine Garrison, third

Girls' 7-8 (25-yard backstroke) Kennedy Totherow, third

Girls' 10U (25-yard backstroke) Madalyn Sears and Ruby Garcia, second and third

Boys' 12U (50-yard backstroke) Camden Moulton, third

Girls' 14U (50-yard backstroke) Gracie Brown and Hope Reynolds, second and third

Boys' 14U (50-yard backstroke) Drew Cameron, second

Girls' 7-8 (25-yard butterfly) Kennedy Totherow, second

Girls' 10U (25-yard butterfly) Nataly Calderon, second

Girls' 12U (50-yard butterfly) Lilianna Sears, third

Girls' 14U (50-yard butterfly) Dalty Friedman and Hope Reynolds, second and third

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