Tim Moon (center), a 1982 Jefferson High School graduate, won another lifting title recently in Las Vegas. 

Even for bench press champion Tim "T" Moon, the last few months have been a whirlwind.

Despite the fact that Moon, a 1982 Jefferson High School graduate, is one of the world's strongest men on the bench press, four major titles in three months is still a stretch, especially if you are hurt or sick. But that's exactly what happened for the 55-year-old Moon. After coming out on top in his Equipped division of the prestigious Mr. Olympia bench competition in September, benching around 755 pounds — after a fall and an auto accident to boot — Moon went on to win two World Championships with World Records at the World United Amateur Powerlifters (WUAP) Championships in the Chicago area in October. Then this month, Moon came out on top of the World Association of Benchers and Deadlifters (WABDL) World's in Las Vegas, despite a severe upper respiratory infection that hampered his training and caused him to drop 20 pounds. On top of that, Moon wound up being inducted into the WABDL Hall of Fame.

In Chicago, Moon competed both Raw and Equipped (with the special bench shirt), setting world records along the way in his Master's 308 pound class with a raw bench press of around 507 and an equipped bench of about 728 pounds. He won Best Lifter in the Equipped category and was only two points shy of the same honor in Raw.

"That's like a couple of ounces," Moon joked.

In Las Vegas, Moon was in the Equipped 308 weight class, Master Men 54-60 age bracket.

"I weighed in very light at 279 lbs. at 55 years old. I'm 20 pounds lighter than I was when I won at Mr. Olympia in September," Moon noted. "I've been trying to fight off a virus and double ear infection … I had to dig deep for this one. I was only able to get my opener of 716 lbs.

“I missed 750 twice at the lock out; (but) it was enough to win another world competition. I was also awarded Best Lifter of the day by formula. I had the heaviest bench of the day. More importantly, I was inducted into the WABDL Hall of Fame for my past success; and they also acknowledged my achievements in other federations. There were several hundred lifters over several days from many different countries. It never ceases to amaze me in the sport of powerlifting the extent to which the competitors help and encourage each other."

For Moon, the WABDL crown was his 29th World Championship across different federations and categories to go along with numerous state and national titles and other medal performances.


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