Behind five first-place finishes from Ansley Nunnally, the Jefferson Sea Dragons dominated the season-opening North Georgia Splash Saturday.

Jefferson finished with 1,029 points to win the eight-team meet by 198 points over second-place Habersham County.

Nunnally (12U girls) won the 100-yard freestyle, 50-yard breaststroke, 100-yard individual medley, 50-yard backstroke and 50-yard butterfly.

Jefferson collected 18 first-place finishes overall.

“We took a great deal of new swimmers to this meet as well as veteran swimmers,” coach Tess Nunnally said. “As a coach, I was amazed at the talent and potential of these swimmers.”

Nunnally noted the 18 first-place finishes and 25 all-star times.

“That is outstanding for our first meet of the season,” she said.

Ansley Nunnally, Haylee Cain (10U girls) and Justin Duke (12U boys) had multiple first-place finishes.

In her victories, Nunnally swam a 59.4 in the 100-yard freestyle, a 36.11 in the 50-yard breaststroke, a 1:07.46 in the 100-yard individual medley, a 31.36 in the 50-yard backstroke and 29.25 in the 50-yard butter fly.

Cain won the 50-yard freestyle (33.73), 100-yard individual medley (1.28.75) and 25-yard freestyle (15.38), and Justin Duke won the 50-yard breaststroke (40.85 seconds) and 50-yard backstroke (35.11).

Other first-place finishers were Sawyer Cain (6U girls, 25-yard backstroke, 24.89), Emery Whetstone (8U girls, 25-yard backstroke, 23.39), Gabby Lee (10U girls, 25-yard backstroke, 18.37), Kate Dunagan (12U girls, 50-yard freestyle, 27.6).

Jefferson also claimed relay victories in the 6U girls’ 100-yard freestyle relay (Avery Sheridan, Khloe Vaughn, Addie Leitsh and Sawyer Cain), 10U girls’ medley relay (Sofia Burns, Haylee Cain, Kerrigan Vaughn and Lee), 12U boys’ medley relay (Duke, Juston Kurgan, Cayden Sheridan, and Rishav Rajbhandan) and the 12U mixed freestyle relay (Ansley Nunnally, Sheridan, Duke and Dunagan).

All-star times earned by Haylee Cain, Sawyer Cain, Lee, Burns, Whetstone, Cayden Sheridan, William Allen, Kurgan, Duke, Dunagan, Ansley Nunnally, Aubree Clare Flores and Ximena Young.

“We have a very talented group of swimmers this summer,” Nunnally said. “I look forward to seeing all the progress and accomplishments these swimmers will make over the summer.”

Jefferson’s meet is Saturday in Winder at the Pentathlon.

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