The Banks County High School wrestlers competed at the State Individual Championship this past week and came home with six state medalists. The team placed fourth in the State Championship meet.

Medalists included:

•Roman Haynes- 5th Place- 1st year wrestling in high school- 24-5 record

•Jacob Voyles- 3rd Place- 31-3 record

•Angel Cruz- 3rd Place- 32-5 record

•Kellon Walley- 3rd Place- 21-2 record

•Evan Clark- 2nd Place- 31-1 record

•Josh Stapleton- 2nd Place- 21-1 record

"Our expectations are very high, but we believe in these boys," head coach Kasey Hanley stated. "A lot of times, we believe in them more than they believe in themselves. I couldn't have been more proud of the heart that these boys showed."

The team had 13 out of 14 wrestlers qualify for the state tournament.

Freshmen: Elijah Mullins, Jaxon Mitchell, Zak McClellon, Christian Lee and Mason Dodd.

Sophomores: Eli Ward, Angel Cruz and Kellon Walley

Juniors: Jacob Voyles, Cade Herrin and Roman Haynes

Seniors: Evan Clark and Josh Stapleton

Hanley also added, "We have a bright future, but right now, our minds are on our seniors. We have two seniors that have worked so hard. They have anchored this team and had gone undefeated this season until their last match. We love these boys. We will miss coaching them and miss the camaraderie. This is the part of coaching not many people don't see. For us... we have kids going off to college every year."

The two seniors, Stapleton and Evan, have had several colleges inquire about them, and Hanley is confident that it will not be the last time his two seniors will step on a mat.


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